The taste of Italian memories

la botte budapest italian restaurant pizza bufalina

When a friend of mine – who doesn’t even like pizza – said to me that she found the best pizza in town, I was surprised. When she said it’s on Váci Street – which is known for being full of tourist traps and avoided by locals like the plague -, I was suspicious. But also curious. So she reserved a table at La Botte to show us the magic.

Right after entering I could feel how cosy and friendly the place is. Brick walls in an interior are my all time favorite. They complement the other elements of the atmosphere, like some Tuscan-style landscape paintings. Since La Botte means The Barrel, this is the whole theme of the decoration. I recommend you to sit close to the entrance if you have a chance. There you have more space and you can see the pizza oven.

The menu includes a variety of Hungarian and Italian dishes, but we came here for the pizza, made by the Italian chef. You can decide between two sizes, given in length, since the pizza has an oblong shape. The smaller one is what you can see on the pics and it’s perfect for one person.

This dough was super thin, the way it should be 😍

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The others chose Diavola (on the Instagram pic above – don’t forget to click on follow!) and Quattro formaggi. The former is with spicy salami: it’s not super hot so you can go for it even if you are not the biggest fan of gusto piccante. The latter is a great mixture of four kinds of cheese, not too heavy, not too smooth, just good.

I couldn’t resist going for a Bufalina, a type that I only had in Italy so far but still consider it one of my favorites. It is very simple: tomato, basil, and the essence: buffalo mozzarella. It was incredible to feel that taste again that I missed so much outside of Italy.

The pizza was so complete and satisfying, none of us felt like anything was missing. The dough is super thin, but thick and tasty on the crust. The ingredients are all high quality. I was amazed by how fresh and flavorful the basil was. I actually cut some bites with it and tucked it in the faces of the others, saying “you have to try this!”

la botte budapest italian restaurant pizza bufalina

In general we were very satisfied with our dishes and also with the service. Since we can never say no to dessert, we tried some of those too: panna cotta, chocolate souffle, and chocolate mousse (seasonal). They were all nice but not as special as the experience we had with our main course. The pizza prices are just a bit (1-2 euros) higher than what you can find anywhere else and it’s definitely worth it.

After this night I am absolutely convinced that it is possible to find good restaurants on Váci street. If you know that you’ll be around the area at dinnertime I highly recommend reserving a table. I can’t wait to go back and try out some pasta – even though I am afraid I will be too tempted by the pizza memories…


Ristorante La Botte
1056 Budapest, Váci street 72


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