9 side effects of having a cat

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Living with a cat has its own consequences: these little furballs turn our lives upside down, and meanwhile, they brainwash us, so we don’t even protest. When we realize it we are already proud, full time cat fans.

Everything you own will be full of cat hair

If you don’t start to dress to match the color of your kitten, it will be clear from kilometers that you have one and in what color. Lint rollers don’t help. But you don’t mind it at all, at least it reminds you throughout the day about what a great companion is waiting for you at home.

You prefer to spend your money on your cat rather than yourself

You learn fast that from now on it’s not the chocolate department that is the most dangerous on you in the stores, but the animals’ one. Those fancy, yummy flavored treats (actually taste like sawdust… yeah, of course, you tried it) tend to make it into your basket. Welcome to your new age of impulse shopping.

You want everything that has a cat on it

Earrings, mugs, makeup bags, pajamas, umbrellas, pillows… everything has a must have cat version, even though you don’t need a new one at all. When it comes to hand craft beer you choose the one with a cat on the label (and you don’t even like beer). Luckily your friends and family know about your mania so you can expect some cat delights on every gift giving holiday.

You find yourself in a subculture

Suddenly it turns out that almost every interesting person in the world has a cat, and that the world is full of interesting people. One day you wake up and half of your Facebook groups are about cats, you communicate with your friends with catfies, and it’s not boring to chat about different types of purring for half an hour. Where were all these cat fans before you had a cat?

Cats take over your browser history

Cat web pages, newsletters, galleries, memes, caricatures, cats for adoption, blogs… you need a lot of tabs for the important content. You can’t miss the newest funny cartoon, and you have to be up to date about the cat celebrities of the internet.

And also your social media

You start to understand the parents who share a lot of their kids because you do the same now. On your Instagram food and selfies take a back seat, on your Twitter you just talk about your cat, and your Snapchat is full of sleeping-stretching-meowing-playing-etc. cat moments – and your Facebook is a combination of everything above. Maybe your cat even has its own profiles. But what else could we use the internet for.

You are never bored at home

Being bored at home becomes a luxury. Even when you would be busy, you have the four paws of the Apocalypse around you, asking for attention. Now and a lot. You can’t say no anyway. And from now on those great weekend parties don’t seem unmissable, while staying home is getting more and more tempting.

More tidiness, more mess

On one hand you pay more attention to keep your flat tidy, to prevent the cat’s destruction. For example, you take the plates and glasses to the kitchen immediately, or you put away the clean clothes, just to hide it from the kitten. But on the other hand, you are surrounded by chaos thanks to the cat beds, toys, and food everywhere.

You loose your private sphere

If you watch a movie, half of the screen is hidden behind a cat butt. If you talk on the phone, be prepared to explain the meows. If you eat, you do it with just one hand, so you can protect your plate with the other one. If you sit on the toilet, a cat sits on your lap. And get used to being stared at in your intimate moments.


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